New Home Construction In Bristol


A Bristol mailing address includes homes in Osolo, Washington and York Townships. Country homes, vacant land and homes in Neighborhoods range both in age, design and home value. 

A popular place to gather Downtown Bristol is The Gazebo

The Gazebo is right on the main corner of SR 15 and US 120 and walking distance to all of the shops, eateries, Museums, Taverns and the famous Bristol Opera House.

A popular gathering place in Downtown Bristol is the Gazebo

Location, Location, Location

​Just a few miles from the Indiana/Michigan border, 35 miles from The South Bend Regional Airport, 11 miles to Concord Mall in Goshen, and 25 miles to Mishawaka. Many dining options and shopping opportunities

Employment by Industry

The top Companies with over 100 employees in Bristol are: Haulmark Industries, Robert Weed Plywood Corp, Hinsdale Farms Ltd, ADEC Inc, Forest River Inc, Skyline Corp, Tomkins Industries Inc, Mark-Line Industries Inc, Ameri-Kart Corp, United Expressline Inc, Sierra Motor Corp, Earthway Products Inc, Kinro Inc and Niblock Excavating Inc.

Industy Type


Manufacturing (SIC 20-39)


Wholesale Trade (SIC 50-51)


Retail Trade (SIC 52-59)


Services (SIC 70-89)


Construction (SIC 15-17)


Transportation and Communications (SIC 40-49)


Public Administration (SIC 90-98)