New Home Construction In Osceola


An Osceola mailing address includes homes in Cleveland (Elkhart County Side)  and Penn Townships. Country homes, vacant land and homes in Neighborhoods range both in age, design and home value. 

A popular place to gather in Osceola is at the OC Cafe!

Cooks Pizza is right on the main corner of Elkhart Road  and CR 40 and walking distance to all of the shops, Wakarusa Dime Store and Mom & Pop Businesses where business is done with a handshake sometimes.

The Gathering Place for local Wakarusa Residents

Location, Location, Location

Osceola is mostly a single family home community that borders Lincoln Way West/East with a handful of Mom & Pop businesses.

Employment by Industry

We don't count the number of people who work at our Mom & Pop businesses, we count on friendship and friendly faces!