Pre-Owned Home vs New Home Construction in Elkhart, In

Pre-Owned Home vs New Home Construction in Elkhart, In

Let’s face it, the inventory of homes available for purchase is down.  Way down… So, have you considered the difference between a pre-owned home vs. new home construction in Elkhart, In? Homes that are well priced according to the market, ultra clean and updated are typically under contract within a day or two.  It is not unusual to have multiple offers and the final offer price may exceed the asking price.  It is called a bidding war.  All the other homes still on the market are either:

Not Priced Right

Not Ultra Clean

Have Not Been Updated

There are homes on the market, in desirable areas that have not found the new home owner to love and take care of it. Beautiful curb appeal, lush landscaping and with waterfront. A competent Real Estate Professional will be happy to help you search these pre-owned homes out, if that is your option.

pre owned home sold in 2 days listed by friends & neighbors real estate

Home Listed by Friends & Neighbors Real Estate SOLD in Two Days!


Pre-Owned Home

A pre-owned home was built and has been occupied by one or more people over the years.  They may have had pets, parties and people over that well, maybe didn’t take care of a home the way YOU would.  They may have left behind spills, stains, cooking odors and perhaps nicotine oil that the drywall absorbed. Or worse, the home may have been rented and both landlords and renters are notorious for not taking care of things in a timely or professional manner.  Disclaimer: There are responsible renters and landlords…

New Home Construction in Elkhart, In

New home construction in Elkhart County is booming! Many of the local builders are scheduling homes now for the rest of the year. They are building for specific people, and not on speculation that someone will come along and buy the home they chose to build.

new home construction in shepherds cove

According to Elkhart County Zoning Department we had approximately 250 new construction building permits applied for in 2015.  This is great news for our County!

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