What Direction Should My New Home Face?

Let’s face it, the direction your home faces will be your choice, when you choose to build a new home from the ground up! So what do we need to take into consideration?


  • Do you like to grow indoor plants?
  • Do you prefer your sleeping quarters to be cooler or warmer?
  • Do you like to watch storms blow in?
  • Do you like open windows for fresh air?
  • Are you energy conscious?
  • Do you want to live on a lake or waterfront property?


east-facing home


Enjoy the Sunrise!

Ice melts faster on the roof!


Beautiful Sunsets!

Lots of windows for Winter sun!

Storms typically blow in from the west!

Ice continues to melt on roof!




Mostly Shade!

Shade Plants Thrive!


Plants grow best!

Driveway ice clears fast!

Warms interior floors if there are windows

Open Windows get rain and snow

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